Bellatrix II Error: “Unfortunately camera has stopped working”

If you are getting an error in Android stating “Unfortunately camera has stopped working” when you try to start the camera on the Tablet more than likely there is a problem with the camera drivers. The options are to:

1. Restart the tablet and see if the camera is now working.

2. If the camera is still giving the same error, locate the reset button at the bottom of the tablet (look at the back of the tablet for button location). Press and hold the reset button until the tablet shuts down. Restart the tablet and see if the problem is resolved.

3. If neither of the 2 options above work, find the setting menu on the tablet. Located Backup and reset, press the Factory data reset button. Please note this will wipe and information saved to the tablet hard drive so backup before you proceed. Once the tablet fully resets and restarts, try the camera again.

Posted in: Bellatrix II Tablet PC FAQs

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