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How Fast Charging Works

How charging works:

Charging works through an electric current which is generated by a plug, cable and phone. The current depends on the plug and the voltage depends on the cable. The amps multiplied by the volts gives you your power in watts.

Quick Charge 3.0:

Quick charge allows a higher current to travel through your phone, this maximises charging efficiency and speed. Quick charge 3.0 offers up to 40% faster charging speeds.

Choosing the right cable:

You want a cable that offers the highest voltage to charge your phone the fastest. Your cable must be compatible with your device or you must have an adaptor.

USB PD (Power Delivery):

USB developed their own fast charging method USB PD (Power Delivery) which can take a 5A current, this results in faster charge times.

Tips for Fast Charging:

Here are some tips to make your phone charge faster:

Turn off Bluetooth/WiFi.

Close background apps.

Turn your phone off.

Turn Airplane mode on.

Lower the brightness of your screen.

Alternatively, you could purchase one of our power banks for charging on the go.

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