Choosing the right memory card for your device card sometimes be a difficult task, there are many different types, capacities and speeds available on the market. This guide will break down the things you need to know when purchasing a memory card and how to choose the one which is best for your devices

Types of Memory Cards:

Below is a list of the most common memory cards currently in use.

Micro SD’s:

Standard Micro SD’s have up to 2GB of storage. Micro SD’s are most commonly used in phones and tablets because of their small size


Micro SDHC/SDXC cards are more powerful microSD cards that are also commonly used in mobile phones. The microSDHC cards have a storage capacity of 4-32GB whereas the more powerful microSDXC cards have a storage capacity of 32+GB.


Standard SD cards have capacities of up to 2GB similar to standard micro SD’s. SD cards are most commonly used in cameras but, are also used in other devices such as GPS systems.


SDHC/SDXC cards are more powerful than standard SD cards with a higher storage capacity. SDHC cards have a storage capacity of 4-32GB, SDXC cards have a storage capacity of 32+GB.

Compact Flash:

Compact Flash cards are most commonly used in SLR or DSLR professional cameras and are usually much larger than most SD cards. There data transfer rate is measured in x’s. The most powerful Compact Flash drives are SSD’s (Solid_state drives) which have capacities up to 512GB.

Memory Card Capacity Chart:

Below is a guide to how many pictures/videos/songs different memory cards can hold.

Capacity 8MP Photos 12MP Photos 16MP Photos HD Video 720p FHD Video 1080p MP3 Songs 128kbp
2GB 716 476 357 40min 22min 600
4GB 1430 953 715 85min 44min 1200
8GB 2861 1907 1430 180min 88min 2400
16GB 5722 3814 2861 360min 170min 4800
32GB 11444 7629 5722 720min 330min 9600
64GB 22888 15258 11444 1440min 670min 19200
128GB 45776 30516 22888 2880min 1300min 38400
256GB 91552 61032 45777 5760min 2600min 76800


Memory Card Speeds:

Minimum sequential writing speed Speed Class UHS Speed Class Video Speed Class Application
MB/s SDHC Speed Class 2.svg Class 2 (C2) SD video recording
4 MB/s SDHC Speed Class 4.svg Class 4 (C4) High-definition video (HD) recording including Full HD (from 720p to 1080p/1080i)
6 MB/s SDHC Speed Class 6.svg Class 6 (C6) SD Video Speed Class 6.svg Class 6 (V6)
10 MB/s SD Class 10.svg Class 10 (C10) SD UHS Speed Class 1.svg Class 1 (U1) SD Video Speed Class 10.svg Class 10 (V10) Full HD (1080p) video recording and consecutive recording of HD stills (High Speed bus, Class C10), real-time broadcasts and large HD video files (UHS bus, Classes U1 and V10)
30 MB/s SD UHS Speed Class 3.svg Class 3 (U3) SD Video Speed Class 30.svg Class 30 (V30) 1080p and 4K video files at 60/120 fps (UHS bus)
60 MB/s SD Video Speed Class 60.svg Class 60 (V60) 8K video files at 60/120 fps (UHS bus)
90 MB/s SD Video Speed Class 90.svg Class 90 (V90)

SD Speed Class Rating:

Speed of SD Cards determine their video/picture quality and is measured in classes, for example class 10 SD’s can render full HD 1080p video, whereas class 4 SD’s can only render video in 720p HD quality.

Choosing the right memory card for you:

Whether your looking for a micro SD for your phone or a compact flash card for your camera here is some information about how to pick the right memory card for you


If you are looking for high-quality videos and photos on your SLR camera, then you should be looking at SSD Compact Flash cards which you can find in our compact flash section, however, if you are looking for good quality picture and video from your mobile phone you should be looking at micro SDXC Cards which you can find here in our micro SDXC section.

Best memory cards for Picture:

For the best picture, you want high read and write speeds for the best quality which means you’re looking for a memory card with a high speed class rating. This means you will want a high-class SDXC or micro SDXC card.

Best Memory Cards for Video:

Video quality also depends on speed class rating. If your device takes compact flash cards you can purchase our Compact Flash cards or if your device takes regular SD cards you can purchase one of our previously mentioned SDXC cards.