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Vida IT V007 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
Vida IT V007 Wireless Bluetooth KeyboardVida IT V007 Wireless Bluetooth KeyboardVida IT V007 Wireless Bluetooth KeyboardVida IT V007 Wireless Bluetooth KeyboardVida IT V007 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Vida IT V007 Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard – UK Layout

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Introducing the latest innovative design to Vida IT’s product range, the V007 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard. This wireless keyboard combines a stylish aluminium chrome design with the practicality needed for all mobile users. With it’s retractable rear clips the V007 allows you to stabilise your tablet PC while you type. It comes with a carry pouch for mobility, steamlessly connects to your Tablet PC or smart phone and gives you up to 200 days of standby battery.

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Product Description

Vida IT V007 Patented Design Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard (UK Layout) – Retractable Holding Clips for All Tablet PCs

Introducing the latest innovative design to Vida IT’s product range, the V007 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard. This wireless keyboard combines a stylish aluminium chrome design with the practicality needed for all mobile users. With it’s retractable rear clips the V007 allows you to stabilise your tablet PC while you type. It comes with a carry pouch for mobility, steamlessly connects to your Tablet PC or smart phone and gives you up to 200 days of standby battery.

The V007 comes with a built in high quality Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0 Chipset, it’s fashionable ultra thin aluminium cover design fits all tablet PCs from 6″ and upwards. It’s built in 280mAh lithium battery allows for 90 hours of uninterupted work time and 200 days of standby time. It’s light weight, has ultra quiet keystrokes and is dustproof. It also features and energy saving keyboard sleep mode.

It’s reverse interface features an on/off switch and a Bluetooth connect button, just turn on, press the connect button and you are instantly ready to connect to your Bluetooth compatible device. The carry pouch provided, fits perfectly over the keyboard for when you are on the move and gives extra protection for the keyboard while not in use.

The V007 retractable clips are controlled by a release switch on the back of the keyboard, you have the choice to stabilise the tablet screen upwards or retract the clips if you prefer to have the screen flat on a table. This unique universal design allows you to use your V007 keyboard with practically all Tablet PCs available on the market.

Vida IT V007

Additional Information

Weight367 g



Vida IT

Bluetooth Version





Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0 Chipset


Aluminium Chrome with Integrated Stand Patented Design

Operating Distance

Up to 10 Metres

Modulating System


Operating Voltage


Standby Time

200 Days

Charge Time

2 Hours

Battery Type


Battery Capacity


Uninterupted Working Time

90 Hours

Key Life

5 Million Keystrokes

Operating Temperature

-10 – +55C


26.1cm x 13.6cm x 0.4cm (Front) 1.4cm (Back)

Item Weight (GR)

223 grams


VAT is included in the sale price.

4 reviews for Vida IT V007 Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard – UK Layout

  1. 5 out of 5


    This fully functioning medium sized Bluetooth keyboard is stated in the product page for use with a number of devices but being a Bluetooth item it can definitely be used on any Bluetooth enabled device where you can use a keyboard.

    In the box you get

    – The Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard – 10.25 x 5.5 inches – 280mAh Li battery – 2 hr charge time – 90 hrs use – 200 days!!? standby
    – USB to micro USB charging cable
    – Soft carry pouch
    – Instruction booklet

    Note – I’ll have to get back to you on the 200 day! standby time.

    The keyboard is made from tough plastic with an aluminium base and looks very neat and tidy in design. The build quality is first class in my opinion with a solid yet lightweight feel to it. The keyboard itself is the island type so each key is separated from the other and this helps in keeping it clean and stops crumbs/bits of rubbish from falling down into the workings! No more holding your keyboard upside down and bashing the hell out of it!

    In use –

    To link the keyboard up to your device/tablet you turn it on and press the ‘connect’ button, search for it in your Bluetooth scan on your device. It will come up as ‘Bluetooth Keyboard’ and you’re in!

    This is a really nice keyboard and feels naturally comfortable to type on using proper tough feeling plastic keys not some touch sensitive effort. There’s something about feeling the key spring back up as it’s depressed isn’t there? The keyboard is an island type too. So each key has it’s own space around it which makes it easier to type on at speed. In use the keys are very responsive indeed so if you’re a fast typist (which I am not) this will match you for speed.

    This is your usual keyboard but with the ‘fn’ commands on ‘some’ of the keys. You can control your music, videos, lock screen etc. . . .

    Underneath there’s a charging indicator light and a ‘connect’ switch to turn on the Bluetooth. One little gripe of mine and this is common on a lot of Bluetooth keyboards – there is no caps lock notification light. I’ve come across a few Bluetooth keyboards without this and find it annoying whilst typing as sometimes yOU doN’t knoW if the tHing is on or NOT! GrrrR 🙂

    The section that your device clicks into is pretty clever. Two tough plastic struts can be ‘popped’ out of the keyboard for your device to lean on at an angle as a laptop screen would. These can be popped back inside the keyboard when not in use.

    My only other little gripe (and it is little) is that the angle of the tablet can only be set to a maximum of around 110 degrees. It’s actually roughly ‘about’ what I would have it set at anyway but this is the furthest back it will go.

    A great little well built Bluetooth keyboard and don’t forget it can be used on any device with a keyboard that it can connect to!

    This was kindly provided to me by the manufacturer to test and review.


  2. 5 out of 5


    Note: The maker sent me a review sample for evaluation, the review reflects my own personal opinion of the product

    This Bluetooth keyboard is a nice small form factor measuring around 26cm wide and 13.5cm deep it’s a standard qwerty layout, though no separate number pad not really a problem as this saves lots of space.

    Quality wise it feels first class with a good feel to the keystrokes (important if you touch type as I do) on the underside is an aluminium casing with a raised section where two rubber feet sit in order to increase the angle for typing comfort. There is a switch located in the top middle part, press this in and it releases the two clips where you can place a tablet. A nice touch is the rubber parts on the clip area to stop the tablet moving around, if you don’t need the clips then they fold neatly back inside the casing.

    Connecting the keyboard simply power it on via the back switch, click the “connect button” and the “Vida V007 Keyboard” comes up, I had no problems with range either a good 8 metres if not a bit more it worked just fine with the Apple and Android tablets I tested it with. Charging the built in battery takes around 2 hours and you do this via the supplied micro USB cable a charging LED lights when it’s being re-charged.

    The maker states the battery is good for 90 hours use and a whopping 200 days standby, I can’t fully test that until I use it for longer but battery stamina shouldn’t be an issue at all here. Flat cap keys should help reduce dust issues and I like the overall feel of the product. No real complaints, maybe a caps lock LED would be nice apart from that it’s a very nice keyboard with a good typing feel to it. Nice to see a felt bag included to so you can store the keyboard safely. Recommended

  3. 5 out of 5


    OK – so firstly I have to admit I absolutely love the iPad, but while I love the touchscreen input, I also value the ability to touch-type at full speed. I took ages looking for a keyboard, and previously bought the Logitec Ultra Thin, then the Zagg Folio, a Zagg Cover, and finally this keyboard. Of course, I now also have an Android device, and would like a keyboard which will run all my devices.

    Read on for a comparative review.

    Basically there are three types of keyboard.

    1. The “Folio” which are attached to your device and (when closed) cover the back and screen – and turn your tablet computer in to a laptop
    2. The “Cover” which (ironically) only cover the screen when closed, and again turn your tablet into a laptop
    3. The “Free Standing” keyboard – which aren’t physically connected to your tablet computer, and are really designed to be used on a desk

    This keyboard is the “Free Standing” variety. It’s worth noting, it’s not just for iPads. It can be used on almost any device including an iPad, Android tablet or even a PC (although I couldn’t get it to work on my Mac).

    What’s it like?
    It’s a dinky little thing at at 10 inches long by just over 5 inches wide, and so thin I couldn’t even measure it. To put the size in context, compared to my iPad Air, it’s about a inch longer and about 2 inches wider, but less than half the thickness, and very light weight. The keyboard itself appears to be black hardened plastic with a piano black shiny top edge, and a cool aluminium back. The back edge is ever so slightly raised off a desk by the battery compartment which gives a great, slightly raised angle for typing, and it weights almost nothing at all.

    Overall the look and feel is of a top quality keyboard with full size “Apple Mac” style black “island keys”, and is fairly indistinguishable next to an Apple Macbook Pro keyboard in terms of looks (but with a black rather than aluminium background). In terms of typing, it works really well. Just like the (eye wateringly expensive) Apple keyboard, it has a nice positive feel. As you press down on each key, it there’s a very slight touch of resistance which provides excellent feedback. Clearly the manufacturer has studied the Apple keyboards, because the “typing feel” is almost exactly the same – a nice touch.

    Worth noting the obvious as well – it’s entirely wireless, and (according to the manufacturer), holds it’s charge for 200 days or a finger numbing 90 days of typing. I have to admit, having owned several of these kind of keyboards I can vouch for these kind of claims. You shouldn’t need to recharge it for months, and when you do there’s a USB to Micro-USB cable supplied – you just plug it into a computer USB port or smartphone/tablet charger for a few hours.

    On the underside it has a number of buttons and lights:-

    * A status light which glows blue when switched on, and ready to pair
    * An on/off switch (so you can prevent it accidentally typing when it’s stored away in a bag
    * A dedicated “connect” button – a nice touch, which mean you can “pair” it with your device.
    * A single button marked “Switch” which is a very clever touch – details below.

    Press on the oddly named “Switch” button, and a couple of small metal and plastic feet pop out. Very James Bond style. This is a absolutely killer feature, as it means you can now stand your Google Nexus, iPad or even 5” smartphone in front of the keyboard at a nice angle to type in either portrait or landscape mode. This is a great bonus over, and above “Folio” or “Cover” keyboards which tend to enclose your iPad and lock it in landscape mode.

    It has an incredibly useful set of dedicated function keys, many of which work on both Apple and Android. This includes buttons to play, pause or skip music or copy, cut and paste. There’s also dedicated buttons to adjust volume up/down, and these worked well on both an iPad Air and 3rd Generation iPad plus my Google Nexus 5.

    I also did the “bloke test”. This means I took it out of the packaging, switched it on and just started pressing buttons to see if I could get it to work. I’m please to say it passed with flying colours, although there is a small paper user guide (in tiny writing) with additional instructions for working iOS, Android and Windows devices.

    Does it work?
    Short answer is yes, very well.

    You “pair” the keyboard with the iPad by pressing a dedicated “Connect” button on they keyboard, and it starts to search for your device. Select the keyboard when detected on your iPad, and type in a security code, and your done. This is a bonus feature, as it means nobody else can “hack” into your device without you confirming it with the code.

    I paired my keyboard with both an Apple iPad 3rd Generation, an iPad Air and a Google Nexus 5 (Android) device, and all three worked beautifully well. I’m afraid I no longer have a PC (so couldn’t test that), but it clearly states it will work with Windows, and there’s a dedicated “For Win” button on the keyboard.

    In terms of typing speed, it’s a full size “proper” keyboard, and I was able to touch type at full speed. No problems.

    Does it compare with other keyboard options?
    Well, compared to the “Folio” or “Cover” keyboards I’d say…

    * This is a full size keyboard, not limited to the physical space of an iPad, iPad mini (even smaller) or Android tablet
    * Given it’s not made for a single device, you can use it with other devices. Means you don’t need to replace your keyboard when you upgrade your tablet computer or switch from Apple to Android
    * Unlike the other keyboards, you can use an iPad or Android tablet in portrait or landscape mode. Others tend only support landscape
    * Unlike other keyboards, this is a separate device – means you only attach you tablet computer when you need to use it.

    * As it’s a separate device, you need carry an additional item with you (as “folio” and “cover” keyboards are attached to your device – but are dedicated to that device). Having said that, it’s incredibly light and thin.

    I must admit, I was a little skeptical of a separate keyboard (preferring the folio or cover for my iPad Air). Having said that, I’ve so far replaced the keyboard I’d used for my 3rd Generation iPad as it didn’t fit the smaller iPad Air, and this keyboard will work with almost any device. It’s also cheaper than many folio or cover keyboards – another bonus.

    The quality of the keys and feedback are excellent, and the built in cover a great bonus. On balance, this is highly recommended.

    Disclosure: I was kindly provided this keyboard for an independent assessment and review. Having said that, it’s a pleasure to test such a great quality device.

    I do hope you found this review useful.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I actually got this today at my local cash converters as I needed a keyboard in a hurry to setup an older mini Mac. This keyboard was all they had at (honestly) 99p!

    The build quality is excellent!
    The case and charging cable great quality!

    It connected straight away to my iPad Air 2 immediately also.

    What is not to like about it!

    My purchase in haste has made me a great fan of the keyboard!

    One of my best bargains ever!

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